Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Life Can Be Rough When It Isn't Hard.

Inspirational reading has surely always been popular.

Whether it is the Bible, an autobiography, or even a dislocated quote hovering over a beach scene on someone's Facebook (nay, Pinterest!) page, humans continue to draw benefit from reading something that inspires them.

In times of weakness, it is fortifying to read about how we can be strong.  In time of hardship and sadness, it is heartening to read about why we can still be happy.  I can recite Bible verses that I memorized years and years ago, simply because they enlightened me at a time of distress.

So, what about the times when we are simply OK?

When everything is normal: not too good and not too bad, where is the need for inspiration?  Where is our need to fight and strive for... aw, crap, I can't even think of what to strive for.

As I lay draped on our worn-in couch, listening to the sounds of a weed whacker just outside my window and hoping it doesn't disturb my son's nap, I am struck by the reality that when everything is a-OK I forget to need inspiration!  It almost frightens me how lazy my spirit becomes when nothing is extraordinarily wrong or right.

At the risk of sounding completely disrespectful (boy, am I a risk-taker!) I would venture to say: it is harder to live with purpose when things are just fine.

Brave people standing in the picket line with a sign in their hands know where right and wrong lie.  Captured soldiers on their knees refusing to denounce their country have a fire kindled in their heart bolstering their conviction.  When the jeers and insults and maybe even fists start falling down on them, their road becomes difficult and almost impossible, but they know where the road is.

It is more pleasant, yet much more dangerous, to go lazily picking dandelions and lose the road completely.

 If you're like me and enjoying a perfectly pleasant humdrum day, I'd like to inspire you to get inspired.  Pick up your Bible, pick up your running shoes, open up your windows and imagine your favorite quote in your perfectly pleasant humdrum sky.

It can be extraordinary to be ordinary.

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