Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lost + Found

In college I found a little silver ring with a black stone.

Simple and dark, with an unknown story, I felt a strange kinship with this tiny object.

Over the months that followed I was constantly losing and finding this ring.  Sometimes I'd lose it for a day or so.  Sometimes weeks would pass between sightings.  It would disappear, then pop up, in the unlikeliest places!  I was both perplexed and comforted by the strange relationship I was having with this ring.

The last time I lost the ring it failed to materialize after the "usual lost period."  Weeks turned into months and I came to believe I'd lost it for good.  This was some six or seven years ago.

Today I put on an ancient pair of jeans (in order to justify my keeping them past their expiration date.)  Then, for no good reason, I curled my finger into the neglected fifth pocket.  I felt something.  A coin?  "What a find," I thought, "if it ends up being a quarter!"

What I pulled out was the longest running inside joke I've ever experienced: my lost and found ring had been found once more!

News like this just had to be shared.

The finding of this ring rekindled a desire for sharing that had been smoldering in my heart for quite some time.

I've lost and found this desire over the years (most notoriously here.)  It is a desire that I've always felt was unfortunately narcissistic, however I realize that I not only have something to share but a reason to share it.

As I continue to reshape the "about me" section of my life, something stands out: I will never lack for things I want to say.  I now choose to curate my thoughts to reveal that which has some purpose.

Here we go...


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