Tuesday, April 22, 2014

3 Most Important Things: Kitchen

Playing Mad Scientist in the kitchen is one of my favorite domesticated pastimes.

The habit began when I was living in Chicago; living month-to-month in Humboldt Park.  I'd go grocery shopping once a month after the rent was paid, and whatever I bought was what I ate all month long.  Armed with few utensils and my trusty skillet, I became an expert at opening the fridge and making it work.

Over the years, I've honed this improvisational skill.  I made lunch today this way, actually, and it got me thinking... if I had to choose, what would be the 3 most important things to have in my kitchen?  What do other people consider to be their 3 most important things?

I put the question out there and got some awesome responses (in order of age because we get smarter as we get older:)

Female, 29 (this one's mine!)- a cast iron skillet, tomatoes, olive oil

Male, 29- The fridge, the microwave, my wife

Male, 29- garlic, my knife (7" chefs knife, super sharp), room temp unsalted butter

Male, 30- a wife, French press, eggs

Female, 31- food, Italian stove top coffee/espresso maker, first set of nice dishes I bought for myself

Male, 31- frying pan, George Foreman grill, blender

Female, 35- microwave, refrigerator, oven

Female, 62- my window, my microwave, one good sharp knife

Female, 67- a sink, my stove, and my petite chef's knife

Female, 70- my electric mixer, my fridge, my sharpest knives

Male, 71- microwave, dishwasher, wine opener

Wine opener. Truly, wisdom comes with age!

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  1. guess ill respond to you here dear :)
    Frying pan, olive oil, a good sharp knife